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Money Transfer

Wire Transfers: Often the most affordable method for transferring funds between bank accounts, a wire transfer is a secure and swift option to move your money electronically, within the country or internationally. Credit to Bank Accounts: A fast and secure way to credit money to your bank account in...


Foreign Exchange

Trust Al Fardan Exchange to provide you with competitive exchange rates on all international currencies. We specialise in both small and large trade of currencies. Get the most out of your money to meet your personal or corporate financial exchange needs. Today’s Rates Our rates table instantly shows how...


Online Remittance

Your smart device or a computer with an active internet connection is all you need to send money to loved ones at your own convenience. Our integrated online remittance platform gives you the flexibility and accessibility to transfer funds securely, wherever you are, whenever you need. Go to online...


Travelez Prepaid Cards

A safer alternative to cash, Al Fardan Exchange’s Travelez prepaid VISA card offers you a secure and convenient way to carry your holiday travel money and access your funds globally. With over 30 million merchants, 2 million ATMs and options to shop online, there are countless ways to take...


Value Added Services

On top of your currency conversion and transaction needs, our value-added services can save you both time and money. Credit Card Bill Payments Make payments for your UAE-bank issued credit cards easily at any of our branches. You can also conveniently obtain cash advances against your credit cards, corresponding...


Payroll Services

Processing payrolls for your business has never been more simple, straight forward and favorable E-money – Al Fardan’s Complete Payroll & Remittance Solution- cost effective, secure and convenient Registered and authorized by the UAE Ministry of Labour and the Central Bank, E-money is compliant with UAE’s Wage Protection System...


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