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Payroll Services

Processing payrolls for your business has never been more simple, straight forward and favorable
E-money – Al Fardan’s Complete Payroll & Remittance Solution- cost effective, secure and convenient

Registered and authorized by the UAE Ministry of Labour and the Central Bank, E-money is compliant with UAE’s Wage Protection System (WPS) Law. This makes electronic transfer of staff wages from employer to employee mandatory and protects the basic rights of employees and employers, ensuring timely salary payouts


Why Al Fardan’s E-Money?

  • launched in 2009
  • fully compliant WPS solution
  • closed-loop payroll card
  • trusted by over 100,000 employees
  • caters to a variety of business sizes

Disbursement Options

  • Al Fardan Exchange branches (through POS terminals)
  • ENBD’s 850+ ATMs in UAE (Largest ATM network in the country)
  • Onsite for companies with over 150 employees

Types of E-Money Solutions

a) E-money Plus

  • for companies who prefer to completely outsource their wage payment services
  • maximum of 20 employees
  • provision of end to end service for WPS

b) Self Managed

  • more than 20 employees
  • companies have the option of managing their employee accounts, track salary payments and create salary information files
  • state of the art online employee management (OEM) portal
  • companies can avail on-site wage payment services at their operational sites such as labour camps and staff accommodation
  • enrolled employees can benefit from onsite remittances at competitive rates
  • dedicated E-Money team to train OEM administrator on portal and workflow of wage payment services


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